Monday, February 16, 2015

Family Life Cruise

Another trip in the books! Levi and I traveled with the band last week as they played worship every night for a marriage cruise! The wives were invited along and we had all been looking forward to traveling together again! Most of us had never been on a cruise before, so it was nice to try it out this way. We left out of Miami and made stops in Key West and Cozumel. Levi and the guys were the worship band and played two services every evening. The other bands on the ship were 10th Avenue North, Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson, Guy Penrod and Jaci Velasquez and Nick Gonzalez. It was crazy to be among so many other amazing artists! The speakers for the trip included Dennis Rainey, Kirk Cameron, Voddie Baucham and Dave and Ann Wilson. They were all so good and really spoke a lot of truth about marriage! I especially enjoyed Ann Wilson, she did a women's breakout that had everyone crying and laughing. Anyways, we were all so thankful to be asked along and had a lot of fun!

This is the room where all of the sessions were held, as well as the concerts.

So proud of this group! They are incredible musicians AND leaders of worship. I cannot tell you the number of people that stopped us during the week to thank them for the way they led.

First stop: Key West! We walked to this little beach first thing in the morning and it was awesome! We decided not to take along our pro camera this week, so these images are all taken with iphone or our little Sony RX100.

Highlight #1 of the trip: Micah found a coconut floating in the ocean and spent the next hour trying to get it open. Once he finally did, we all shared it together and it was my favorite memory :) Drinking fresh coconut water and then eating the inside!

I love this group! 3 years and going strong :)

I'm OBSESSED with this bathing suit of mine! It came in the day before we left for the cruise from Target and I'm so glad it worked out!

Our day in Cozumel! Relaxation was the key word to this trip, for the wives at least ;)

I'm very proud of the fact that neither Levi or I and our alabaster skin got burned.

One last memory that I don't have any pictures of but want to write about anyways is the night that we all played mini golf on the top deck of the ship :) Emily beat us all and I'm pretty sure Lauren and I scored in the hundreds! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, and I wouldn't want to do it with any other band :) #bandfamilyforever

The last night of the cruise, they had their concert and then later that night in the atrium of the ship there was a huge send off concert that extended 5 stories above! The guy at the bottom of the picture is Steven Curtis Chapman leading us all in worship! He was INCREDIBLE!

Until next time (hopefully)!

- Bethany