Tuesday, October 31, 2017

True life: We're obsessed with our dog

Our oven broke last week. So that's the real life story behind these pictures and our delightful trip to Lowe's :) While on our way to the oven section of the store we saw Lowe's Christmas tree set up and it was just BEGGING for a portrait session. This is what happens when you are obsessed with your dog/don't have kids.

She hated it.

Apparently she's really pleased about us getting a new oven though!

- B

Monday, October 30, 2017

Cognac + Black Fall Outfit

Hey yall! Thought I'd briefly share a fun fall outfit I wore the other day! Being unemployed right now is leaving the opportunities for dressing up few and far between so I've got to do it when I can! We had a dinner with the band a few weeks ago at Salty Sow in Austin and the temperature was just starting to feel like fall! 

Dress: Old Navy, Purse: Target, Boots: Target, Earrings: Junk Gypsy, Necklace: Lucky Brand

I'm living it up in this weather while I can! As much as I am feeling the fall feels, I am more than ever looking forward to decorating for Christmas!!! When is the earliest appropriate that I can start....?

- B