Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014!

This blog post is here to show another Christmas on the books! We traveled to Conroe for a few days and then came back home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Levi's family. We opened presents Christmas morning with the help of our favorite coonhound:

I am obsessed with that video!!! She is hilarious. I told Levi that next year I'm just going to wrap a bunch of empty boxes for her to open on Christmas. We didn't take very many photos, but here's the few snapshots we did get:

Winston produced a million perfect photos and then there's Prez. These were the two best pictures I got of him -__-

Winston is such a little baby. He loves to roll around on his back and play. He reminds me so much of Riggins.

Milo cannot take a normal picture to save his life.

Kristi and Brenda came over for brunch on Christmas day and we had so many animals running around. Our attempts at a group picture were laughable.

Later that day we went over to Harold and Lisa's house for dinner. I love going to Conroe for Christmas, but man it's really nice to just be able to walk next door!

And there you have it! Christmas is over, baby Jesus came and gave us peace through salvation, and we can be thankful every day for that!

- Bethany

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Poltercast

Guess what Levi and I finally did in 2014? We started a podcast! Christmas of 2013 is when Levi got us a microphone to use, and the fall of 2014 is when we FINALLY put it to use! It takes us a long time to finally do things sometimes, but once we start doing them we really go all in! Our first episode came out right after Halloween, and we have four total reviews available for listen!

What do we talk about, you ask? HORROR MOVIES. We loooooooooooove scary movies and watch at least one a week I would say. Not many of our friends like scary movies like we do, so we created a podcast where we can talk about them together and hopefully with our listeners as we gain more of those :) If you or someone you know enjoys thrillers/scary movies you should definitely check it out! You can listen to our episodes two ways: on our website or through the podcast app on your phone.

1. Listen on our website,

2. Download the podcast app from the app store, search "the poltercast" and hit subscribe! It will automatically download our new episodes for you to listen to! I personally enjoy listening to podcasts while I'm driving, cleaning, or getting ready. I hope you will give it a shot!

And if you have a request for a movie review feel free to let us know on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on instagram and twitter! Levi runs the instagram and twitter accounts but I chime in on the Facebook page so come say hi!

- Bethany

Hill Country Date Ideas

Hello everyone! We are now all living in a post Christmas 2014! In the past I have had the sadz after the holiday season wraps up, but it doesn't feel that way this year. I have so much to anticipate in 2015! I start grad school, I continue the counseling course through my church and begin counseling someone, I get to go on a cruise, one of my best friends gets married! All good things! I love fresh starts and new beginnings, so I often start to love the idea of resolutions right around the end of the year. I believe you can make changes whenever you want through out the year, but there is definitely something special about starting a new year!

Here are a few of the resolutions I have been thinking of for 2015:

- Make a dentist appointment for Levi and I (seriously, it's been too long)
- Call Levi by more pet names. We only ever call each other Levi and Bethany and I want to be more intentional about being lovey.
- Memorize at least 5 verses of scripture. Low number but I've got to start somewhere!
- Be more intentional about having date nights

That last point leads to the next! The Saturday after Christmas Levi and I sat down and designated some time to brainstorm/google/and write down some dates ideas for 2015. They are things we talk about doing, but then when it comes to Friday we end up just watching Netflix at home. We broke the dates up into three categories. 1) Lazy Dates: These are dates that are either at home or around San Marcos that are simple and easy to attain when we don't have much energy or money. 2) Exciting Dates: These are dates that are out of the norm of what we would normally do! You could call them specialty dates. 3) Day Trip Dates: Texas is a big ol state and there's a lot of it that we haven't seen. So these dates are something that we could go see or do in a days time around here. 

Lazy Dates:

- Music date. Levi learns how to play songs that we can both sing to.
- Drawing and Painting Night
- Youtube dance lessons
- Coffee shop night
- Go to the winery in Martindale
- Wine/Cheese/Salami at home
- Pedis and Manis
- Massage Date Out
- Cook a new recipe together
- Make a pallet and watch movies
- Record a new podcast
- Dinner at Gristmill and a movie at Alamo Drafthouse

Exciting Dates:

- Blue Starlite Drive In Theater in Austin
- Hiking Date
- Game Night, Group Date
- Go listen to live music
- Take a cooking class at Whole Foods
- Go to 6th street with Ashley and Brandon and get a pedicab
- Take Ghost Tour in downtown Austin
- Dinner at Moonshine and a movie at Violet Crown Theater
- Attend a basketball game
- Group Karaoke
- Dinner at Ranch 616
- High Tea at Full English

Day Trip Dates:

- Round Top, Tx to shop and eat at Royers Cafe
- Enchanted Rock
- 360 Bridge hike with dinner in Austin
- Take Mosely to Zilker Park and the Greenbelt
- Go for a drive through the hill country and have a picnic
- Go on an Austin photo scavenger hunt with another couple
- Marble Falls Trip, hang out in town, go to Sweet Berry Farms
- Go to Longhorn Caverns

We wrote all of these down on little strips of paper and put them in three different envelopes. The plan is to draw out of one at least once a month. Hopefully two a month but we'll see! I'm curious to look back through this and see how far we made it! You never know, we could be needing to make a whole new list by next summer! I wanted to share our ideas because it was fun coming up with them and I thought maybe other people would like them too!

- Bethany

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lost Maples Park!

About a month ago, Levi and I made the trip out to Lost Maples Park with my parents. I'd seen pictures and heard about this place for a long time and I'm so glad we finally made the trip out there! We met up with my parents in Boerne, and from there it was still over 2hrs away! Definitely worth the drive though. We made it to the park by 10am and were able to pay and drive right in. But right as we were driving into the park a ton of cars were pulling in behind us! It got busy QUICK! The day we ended up going was one of the coldest days of the year, and it was 30 degrees when we started the hike! YIKES! Luckily we were doing one of the more difficult trails, so we worked up a sweat.

We debated bringing Mosely with us, but I'm glad we didn't because many of the paths were super rocky and would have hurt her paws. But while we were there, we did see a couple with two domesticated wolves they owned! The wolves were HUGE. I couldn't believe their size! I wish I would have gotten a picture of them! Anyways, here is the photo journal of our trip!

We took both the Maple and East Trails, so it was over 5 miles total and took us 3hrs!

The beginning of the hike starts around a lot of water, which would be really nice during the warmer months!

We had endless photo stops :)

The snack break that my dad and I forced everyone into. Like father like daughter when it comes to our food!

The view from the top! We eventually end up down on that path towards the end of the hike.

Very steep walkway down on the East Trail! Not sure how some people could do it!

We came upon the most perfect little fall walkway at the base. It felt like we were at a park in New York or Boston or something! Definitely proves that Texas can have a beautiful fall as well!

- Bethany