Monday, December 8, 2014

Lost Maples Park!

About a month ago, Levi and I made the trip out to Lost Maples Park with my parents. I'd seen pictures and heard about this place for a long time and I'm so glad we finally made the trip out there! We met up with my parents in Boerne, and from there it was still over 2hrs away! Definitely worth the drive though. We made it to the park by 10am and were able to pay and drive right in. But right as we were driving into the park a ton of cars were pulling in behind us! It got busy QUICK! The day we ended up going was one of the coldest days of the year, and it was 30 degrees when we started the hike! YIKES! Luckily we were doing one of the more difficult trails, so we worked up a sweat.

We debated bringing Mosely with us, but I'm glad we didn't because many of the paths were super rocky and would have hurt her paws. But while we were there, we did see a couple with two domesticated wolves they owned! The wolves were HUGE. I couldn't believe their size! I wish I would have gotten a picture of them! Anyways, here is the photo journal of our trip!

We took both the Maple and East Trails, so it was over 5 miles total and took us 3hrs!

The beginning of the hike starts around a lot of water, which would be really nice during the warmer months!

We had endless photo stops :)

The snack break that my dad and I forced everyone into. Like father like daughter when it comes to our food!

The view from the top! We eventually end up down on that path towards the end of the hike.

Very steep walkway down on the East Trail! Not sure how some people could do it!

We came upon the most perfect little fall walkway at the base. It felt like we were at a park in New York or Boston or something! Definitely proves that Texas can have a beautiful fall as well!

- Bethany

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