Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Katy Perry Prismatic Tour

You know what I find so weird? The two months I have been without an every day job are the two months that this blog has been the hardest to keep up with! Only in 2014 can you be jobless and STILL have so much to do. I could go on to list off all of the standard ways that every human feels overwhelmed and busy but I don't want to go down that road. Instead, I'm going to play catch up on this fall and every thing that has happened! Because a lot.has.happened.  Let's start with a high :) Maybe something like seeing Katy Perry in concert during her epic world tour!

I'm not huge on going to concerts, especially big ones, but I have always said that the next time Katy Perry toured I would be there. And I was! Now before you start questioning me, just go watch her documentary on Netflix! It's called Katy Perry: Part of Me and IT'S SO GOOD. I <3 her.

I am so sad because my phone was almost dead when I got to the concert so I kept it off and only turned it on to capture the best moments! My bff Ashley and I drove to Houston for the concert and it was such a fun girls time. Katy put on suuuuch a good show! I was a little worried because her new album is definitely not my favorite, but having the songs performed was so much better! I loved every bit of it.

- Bethany

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bastrop Corn Maze!

The first day of November was perfect! Every year I want to go do fall activities, but here in Texas fall doesn't arrive until mid November (if we're lucky), and by then most of the pumpkin patches and mazes have already closed! I would like to protest this idea of October being the month to do fall things, because this October (like most) we were still melting. Anywhoooo, I planned ahead this year and made plans to go to the Bastrop Corn Maze! It closes next weekend so we just barely made it in! I've never been to a corn maze before, and I had pretty high hopes for greatness. Luckily it was pretty awesome! I suspect a maze in actual corn country would be great, but this one was still fun! And the weather acted right and we got to wear sweaters! So really you can't ask for more in Texas.

I love the confusion on everyone's faces.

Below are the photos I got right after Levi jumped through the corn and scared the poop out of Cattie :)

Short cuts!

You KNOW if Cattie and I are going somewhere together, there WILL BE portraits ;)

Super frustrated though that Blogger is uploading some of these a lot darker than my edit though! Such a hassle, pretend they are brighter.

We stayed in the maze until just past sunset, which is when we devised a plan to scare our fellow maze patrons. We set up a fake photo op for the boys, while Cattie hid in the stalks until the people walked by...

Definitely some fun memories made here :)

- Bethany

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Party 2014

This years Halloween party was a success! I had so much fun. Even though I don't really care too much about costumes, I really love Halloween and having a party at our house! I wore the exact same costume as last year, sue me! Thank you to everyone who came and who brought food!

I woke the cats up from a nap for this photo shoot and they could NOT be bothered to keep their eyes open.

Mosely kept her costume on ALL night and it was hilarious!!

Can you guess what Levi was?

The cutest Minnie I've ever seen!

The cat girls:

Just doing cat things.

- Bethany