Friday, December 8, 2017

Texas Snow 2017

Guys, get ready for some Christmas magic. I realize snow in general is not that exciting, but when it's unexpected snow in Texas it definitely is!!! I told Levi I wanted to remember everything about the past 24 hours so the next few paragraphs are basically just a journal entry that you can feel free to skip!

Thursday December 7th-

Levi and I planned on going to Sights and Sounds tonight but it was rained out; instead we went to dinner at The Root Cellar. We got $2 red berry sangria's and steaming hot artichoke dip w/pita bread. It was freezing outside and the rain was starting to look like sleet! After dinner we drove down Belvin and San Antonio St. to look at the Christmas lights and then on the way home real actual snow started coming down!!! On our dark road it looked like we were flying through space and the snow was stars, it was indescribable.

When we got home we got the camera and let Mosely out into the front. After that I basically didn't go inside for the next 2 hours. It's funny looking at the first pictures we took because there is barely any snow at all, but we had no idea how much would end up coming! I was so mad I decided not to put on makeup that day, haha. The snow started coming down super thick- thicker than I've seen it even in Colorado! You could barely see in front of you and it was mesmerizing and slightly dizzying to look at.

Mosely LOVED the snow. As soon as we let her out she just started eating it non stop. Every time we've gone to Colorado we've wondered what it would be like to have Mosely in the snow- now we know! She goes crazy!!! She seriously is the cutest model dog.

On a whim this week when I was bored I decided to pull some Christmas decor out of the attic and dress up the front porch. It's like God knew or something ;) Literally on Monday of this week I was wearing a sleeveless top and sandals and by Thursday it was a blizzard. Everything about it just felt so magical and I can't think of another word that better describes it. This truly felt like a once in a lifetime kind of night. I know we've had "snow" every few years in Texas but not this much to this extent in a very long time! I want to remember it forever :)

We're those freaks who bring their cats out to see the snow. Norman loved it but was shaking, Winnie hated it.

Friday December 8th-

We woke up at 8am to check if the snow was still on the ground! In the middle of the night (3am) I got up and looked outside to see it all perfectly still there under the moonlight. It was beautiful. We bundled up and went out to our road to check things out and see Ollie, our horse neighbor. It was such a visual shock to see such thick snow somewhere that it shouldn't be! I don't know if we'll ever see our neighborhood like this again! In some spots that we walked it was several inches deep and made the crunching sound that you get with thick snow! Snow just makes everything postcard perfect.

And there you have it- the day it poured snow all throughout Central Texas!

- Bethany

Also enjoy this short video that Levi made after I demanded he provide me with perfect Christmas nostalgia. We watched Christmas Vacation this morning and he said I'm like Clark Griswold and set too high of expectations for special events and I said JUST MAKE IT PERFECT.