Monday, April 6, 2020

Greece Vacation | Thira (Santorini) & Milos

Levi made the most epic video of our trip! He surprised me with it for my 30th birthday and it was the best thing ever! I highly recommend watching it on full screen- just click through to watch it on youtube!

Milos Greece | Boat Trip

I realized that I completely forgot to share one day of our Greece trip on here! Somehow these pictures escaped me and I can't imagine why because it was seriously one of our best days of the trip! We took an all day boat trip around Milos with a little mom and pop company, along with about 12 other people (from all over! Australia! Brazil! Europe!). Our guide was so personable but not overly so in that annoying way tour guides can be, haha. I cannot say enough good things about Milos Oneiro!

Our first stop was Sykia Cave (a sea cave in which the roof has collapsed) and it was epic!

We climbed up to the top to see it from above- the photos don't do it justice!

Clearest water in the world!

We ended the day taking in the sunset. Can you spot Levi below?

And last but not least- I had to share this #reallife moment from the airport back in Santorini (Thira). It was absolutely the most chaotic experience I've ever had. You can see it on everyone's faces haha. No organization, barely any seating, and long long wait times. But- we made it to London for our connecting flight and that's all that matters at the end of it!

- B