Tuesday, May 5, 2020

White Mountain National Forest | New Hampshire

Here's the last two days we spent in New Hampshire, along with a quick layover in Boston while we waited for our flight :) This trip was a whirlwind but we managed to fit in some pretty epic adventures along the way. As Levi and I approach our 10 year anniversary (July 3rd!) I am so amazed at the life we have built together and the ways we have cultivated adventure and living life to its fullest together! Can only imagine what the next chapter will look like as we welcome our son into the world this May.

Below is a gorge that we visited that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of! I was starting to lag at this point in the trip but still glad we attempted these hikes!

Since women's leggings are still anti women (aka they usually don't have pockets) I had to bust out the fanny pack and I must say- it's a MUST HAVE for hiking now! Makes it so easy to whip my phone or chapstick out!

The elevation gain to this waterfall just about killed me...can you spot me below?

Woman's last hurrah before she gets kneecapped by hyperemesis and is hospitalized one week later...

We sat at this viewpoint for a looong time. It was such an amazing reward for a fairly challenging ascent. One eery thing- this trail area was known for bears and every once in a while we could clap our hands and make noises just to make sure they didn't sneak up on us! We heard several solo hikers wearing bear bells. 

We checked out of our airbnb and hit the road to Boston on the last day to catch our flight. We managed to park downtown and go to a famous seafood place (The Daily Catch) that was a hole in the wall with a line out the door right across the street from Mike's Pastry, which we grabbed afterwards. 

Best. food. ever.

And there ya have it! Our last trip before the start of this crazy pregnancy/new parenthood journey! I'm so glad we were able to take it together, especially since the world has gone a bit haywire in 2020 and who knows when we'll be traveling again. Until next time!

- B

Kennebunkport, Maine & Conway, New Hampshire

Fall of 2019 Levi and I got to travel to the east coast for a few days because he had a wedding to shoot in Kennebunkport, ME! I went as his second shooter and we tacked on a few extra days to explore White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire after we shot the wedding.

We flew in and out from Boston and everywhere we went was just about an hour or two's drive from each other. Fun fact: We left for this trip on a Friday and that Monday before we left we found out we were 4.5 weeks pregnant! Pretty surreal! As many friends know, I have had a horrible bout of sickness the entire length of this pregnancy and thankfully it didn't start until the last day of this trip so I was still able to get in a few good hikes before it all went downhill, haha.

Here is part 1!

The Bush Family home!

Most perfect weather ever- fall on the east coast was magical. Below is the boat in Kennebunkport that we had dinner on one night (The Spirit of Massachusetts). They had live music and the food was so good!

Crab Cakes + Lobster Roll

We rented a Jeep for our travels and it made it feel like an adventure! The drive inland to NH was about 2 hours through the mountains and we saw some gorgeous views along the way!

We had the cutest little airbnb in Conway, which came in handy once I got too sick to do anything else! 

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are SUCH a hidden gem! I never would have even thought to visit NH if Levi hadn't booked a wedding near there. But now after having gone- I want to go back because there is so much more to see! 

Part 2 coming up asap!

- B