Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bastrop Corn Maze!

The first day of November was perfect! Every year I want to go do fall activities, but here in Texas fall doesn't arrive until mid November (if we're lucky), and by then most of the pumpkin patches and mazes have already closed! I would like to protest this idea of October being the month to do fall things, because this October (like most) we were still melting. Anywhoooo, I planned ahead this year and made plans to go to the Bastrop Corn Maze! It closes next weekend so we just barely made it in! I've never been to a corn maze before, and I had pretty high hopes for greatness. Luckily it was pretty awesome! I suspect a maze in actual corn country would be great, but this one was still fun! And the weather acted right and we got to wear sweaters! So really you can't ask for more in Texas.

I love the confusion on everyone's faces.

Below are the photos I got right after Levi jumped through the corn and scared the poop out of Cattie :)

Short cuts!

You KNOW if Cattie and I are going somewhere together, there WILL BE portraits ;)

Super frustrated though that Blogger is uploading some of these a lot darker than my edit though! Such a hassle, pretend they are brighter.

We stayed in the maze until just past sunset, which is when we devised a plan to scare our fellow maze patrons. We set up a fake photo op for the boys, while Cattie hid in the stalks until the people walked by...

Definitely some fun memories made here :)

- Bethany

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