Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014!

This blog post is here to show another Christmas on the books! We traveled to Conroe for a few days and then came back home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Levi's family. We opened presents Christmas morning with the help of our favorite coonhound:

I am obsessed with that video!!! She is hilarious. I told Levi that next year I'm just going to wrap a bunch of empty boxes for her to open on Christmas. We didn't take very many photos, but here's the few snapshots we did get:

Winston produced a million perfect photos and then there's Prez. These were the two best pictures I got of him -__-

Winston is such a little baby. He loves to roll around on his back and play. He reminds me so much of Riggins.

Milo cannot take a normal picture to save his life.

Kristi and Brenda came over for brunch on Christmas day and we had so many animals running around. Our attempts at a group picture were laughable.

Later that day we went over to Harold and Lisa's house for dinner. I love going to Conroe for Christmas, but man it's really nice to just be able to walk next door!

And there you have it! Christmas is over, baby Jesus came and gave us peace through salvation, and we can be thankful every day for that!

- Bethany

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