Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Party 2013

Levi and I really love having parties at our house, and we hadn't had one there since our Valentines' Day party I think! So it had just been way too long! I don't think either of us realized how much we like hosting things! I can't remember for sure, but I think last year was the year we watched Insidious on a big projector in the dark for Halloween. It was a lot of fun and something we definitely want to do again. In fact, Levi and I are wanting to do a group watch of The Conjuring now that it is out on dvd...any takers?!

Before I share the pics from our party- I have to share a disclaimer. I ERASED most of the pictures and I'M SO SAD ABOUT IT. I got my new iphone in on Halloween but had been to busy to set it up all day. So I just used it for pictures at the party, but then accidently erased all of them when I was setting it up. This is why I can't have nice things. Or use technology. Luckily, I had a few pictures in my text messages so here are a few shots from the night!

I was a cat and Levi was a pilot (using his Grandpa's old gear- camera included!).

We had SO much good food! Thank you to everyone who brought stuff! I <3 party food.

Kristi was Little Red Riding Hood, and she brought her Big Bad Wolf (her husky, Milo :)) 

Wes and Sarah were from the Harry Caray SNL skit, she was the moon made of spare ribs :). Cattie and Caleb were Wilma and Waldo!

I'm so sad I don't have a picture of Lauren and Micah together! They were Elaine and Kramer from Seinfeld and it was PERFECT. Here is Lauren/Elaine below :)

Thank you to everyone who came out! I'm so sorry I deleted your pictures :(((((((((((. We also had a Zombie Bride and Groom, a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader (?), Pirates, Katy Perry + Russel Brand, a Clown, a Crazy Cat Lady and a Tobacco Farmer, and of course- a hipster. 

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I was rereading this post and the food table made me crave cheese? umm what?? PS this party looks fun and you are the cutest cat alive.