Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Backyard Birthday!

Hello yall! Long time no blog. The past 2.5 weeks have been hectic to say the least! I worked more hours at the boutique, shot 2 weddings, 2 seniors, and had the cd release party and my birthday. Whew. I am about ready for a slow down! This weekend we had my birthday party down at the river and then our backyard. Thank you so much to everyone that came and helped! I feel like FINALLY, at 25 I'm figuring out some things. Like, the people I want to surround myself with! I'm so thankful for my community, yall spoiled me!

And a shout out to Levi, the person behind the whole day! Thank you so much for all your hard work and preparation for me :) I love you!

Ms. Emerald's first trip to the river! I definitely could have stood for it to be a little warmer outside but we made do.

We all came back to the house and cleaned up before the evening portion of the day! Then Levi had the big reveal of my birthday cake! My one birthday request was that I wanted a Riggins themed cake from 2 Tarts Bakery. Levi TOTALLY came through on this one! It was chocolate on the inside, with a chocolate ganache cream between each layer and then iced with buttercream frosting! 

Absolute perfection. Oh and the thing in his mouth is this toy that he used to drag around behind him like a baby blanket.

Sarah brought these awesome cupcakes all the way from Conroe!

And the party begins...

Levi grilled all the food for us and it was delish!


Group photos are a MUST!

Lol, my poor candles blew out as Cattie carried it over, all but one!

And then, just for good measure....


- Bethany

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