Friday, November 20, 2015

Muir Beach Overlook

As I avoid reading about inferential statistics this afternoon, I thought I'd post another set of our California vacation pictures! This was our transition day where we drove from Lake Tahoe to Mount Tamalpais (just across the bride from San Francisco). We crossed through Napa Valley on our trip and stopped at one winery to do a champagne tasting!

Wine and cheese can never be a wrong choice!

The sky was really hazy in some places because of the fires all across California. It was super sad! Below is Hwy 1. This stretch of Hwy 1 is incredibly curvy- I thought I was going to die (from nausea). The end result of arriving at Muir Beach Overlook for sunset was worth it though!

Muir Beach Overlook:

The California coast always surprises me. It never fails to feel like a completely different world.

- B

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