Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A rainbow and a Riggy

Saturday Levi and I were gone all day long for a training class called Gospel Fluency. We are each taking a 9 month theology development course through the Austin Stone Institute this fall and spring and this Saturday was the kick off! It was such an amazing day of teaching, I will definitely be sharing more from this program as it continues!

The hill country has been having some weird weather happenings over the past few days, which resulted in one beautiful evening on Saturday (and last night's!!! Did yall see that sky??). As we drove back into Martindale a huge double rainbow was arching over the crop fields! We didn't have our good camera but Levi was able to snap this with his iphone:

Once we got back to our house, the second rainbow disappeared but the first one remained strong! It was perfectly arching over our house! So what would anyone do? Grab their cat and take some pictures in the rainbow!

- Bethany

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