Thursday, September 19, 2013

Leopard is my new color

I created a new outfit from my closet this Sunday and I just LOVE it. This year I have found myself gravitating more and more towards black, grey, cognac, army green and cream. I still love my pops of color, but for me this is my everyday wear. It's easy to create new looks from your closet when everything goes together already! And yes, before you notice- I did change shoes. Funny story, my parents were in town this weekend and we left early for church on Sunday. We had time to kill so we swung by Target, which is where both my mom and I picked up these leopard flats! They ended up being just what my outfit was missing. I think from now on leopard is going to be my pop of color ;) 

Vest: JcPenney (last year), Pants: Target (new), Shoes: Target (new)

Also, if you happen to be hyper observant, you'll notice I moved my hair to a middle part! I actually LOVE it, even though I feel like I haven't been able to pull it off in years. I think the key is to curl my hair and style it kind of bohemian-esque. I'm not wearing it with a middle part every day but it's nice to have another option of something to do with my hair!

- Bethany


  1. I love leopard! I am currently in search of a leopard scarf

    1. I got a great one last year from Target! I'm definitely on the leopard band wagon