Monday, October 7, 2013

Wedding Outfit | Leopard + Black

Blouse: Target, Skirt: Target, Boots: Nine West (outlet), Jewelry/Purse: Forever 21

I'm a dress girl. They are easy, comfortable and cute. You throw on one and it's an instant outfit. But I wanted to try something outside of my dress comfort zone for a wedding we attended recently! I have been seeing these black swing/skater skirts everywhere recently and always just figured they would be too short for me to pull off. Well, I was in Target a few weeks ago and decided to just try one on and it was INSTANT love! Yes it's a little shorter than my normal length but pretty dang cute!!! I decided to pair this outfit with my leather boots to edge it up a little. But then keeping it classy with a pearl bracelet ;) I really like finding a balance between a unique style and a classic style. 

I also had to throw in a shot of Levi's wedding outfit :) I thought he looked great! I love that he can pull off black skinny jeans! 

We had SO much fun at our friends Jimmy and Staci's wedding! It's ridiculously rare that we just get to attend a wedding, and so we live it up when we do get the chance :) I danced more than I knew I could!

This week I'm going in to get my hair colored by Kristi (my sis-n-law) at Doopla Salon. I'm trying to decide what color to get! Levi and I are getting pictures done this November by one of my favorite photographers in the world so I want to make sure it looks like me. I'm torn between going a little darker (dark honey blonde) or something a little lighter than what I have now! 

- Bethany

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