Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sights and Sounds of Christmas 2013

I think this was my favorite year ever of attending Sights and Sounds :D We had so much fun and it was FREEZING. Like, literally 25 degrees with wind. Our friends Ashley and Brandon were in town and so Friday night we all bundled up and headed out! Kristi and Maggie and Jake all met us there. Now, if you have ever been to S&S, you know about The Biscuits. The campfire biscuits alone are the reason to attend. You get them warm and then doctor them up with butter and honey. Um, yeah. It's delicious!

I was debating whether or not to bring along the big camera, but I'm so glad I did. I am going to LOVE looking back on all of these memories :) The year it really felt like Christmas in Texas!

I am so lucky with the girl friends God has given me this year. These relationships are so important to me!

The glorious biscuits....They may not look like much, but you have no idea.

Biscuit love.

I told Levi he looked like Ryan Atwood in this outfit :)

I can't wait until next year :) I love my town! 


  1. Your skin tones are always so flawless! Those the HARDEST for me to edit!! Love all of these :)

    1. Hah, thanks! It's a combination of picking the right light to put people under and then adjusting the white balance in Lightroom :) Sometimes it will make my background cooler but I prefer that than orange faces.

  2. I miss sights and sounds! It looks like the weather was perfectly appropriate and I'm so glad you decided to take your camera!


    1. You should come up for it next year! :) It was so much fun!