Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

So this is Christmas...

Mosely's annual picture in front of the Christmas tree.

Levi bought us a belgian waffle maker for Christmas!!!

In case you were wondering what a photographer's Christmas at home looks like...yes, we take pictures of everything. 

After breakfast we opened gifts! My love language is gifts so obviously I love this part! Just for memories sake, I am going to write out everything we got each other. One of my favorite gifts was something that Levi got for us to do together! He got a microphone that we USB to our computers because we have talked about recording a podcast together for a long time! We listen to a lot of tv and movie review podcasts and thought we might enjoy making one since we watch so many movies! I'm excited to try that together.

Bethany: Kendra Scott Earrings, Rice Maker b/c I can never cook rice but I love it, A stamp of our faces, Circle E candle melts, mini pack of Baileys, Wilson's Chocolate, Belgian Waffle Maker.

Levi: Disc Golf Basket for the backyard, Seinfeld board game, Frosted Oreos, Tie Clip, mini Jameson whiskey, socks, candy, Microphone.

I'm probably forgetting something. Next up, we have pictures of the cats!

Riggins does not fight, he just gives up and goes limp. I love it.

After noon Brenda and Kristi came over for lunch and gift giving! We had steak, baked potatoes, salad and peach cobbler. We got to eat it all on my new placemats I just got :)

Clearly Mosely and I were both really excited about our gifts! Brenda got me an Instax Mini camera and I am obsessed!!!

Later that night we went over to our friend's Cattie and Caleb's house to do dinner and a Christmas movie. We all ended up being so full and tired though that we just snacked and hung out. We also exchanged gifts and took a group selfie with my new Instax camera :) The picture on the right is of my wreath I got for $10 from Target at the day after Christmas sale!

It was such a different Christmas staying at home this year, I loved getting to spend time at home and with Levi's family but I definitely missed my big family gathering! Hopefully next year the church will decide an Eve Eve service is better ;)

- Bethany

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  1. Your Christmas looks awesome! i'm so happy you got the Kendra Scott earrings you wanted :) I got patrick a blue microphone a few years back and it was excellent! I can't wait to hear what y'all come up with ;)

    Oh, and I die for that table and those place mats. DIE.