Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Brunch with the Joneses

Because we didn't get to see my family on Christmas this year, we had everyone over to our house for a brunch on the 30th! I basically never have the opportunity to make nice breakfast food so I jumped at the chance to host brunch for everyone :) I'm so glad we could all make it happen! I was also really excited to set a cute table! I just got these placemats from TJ Maxx and the mercury glass vase from Target.

For breakfast I made this hash brown breakfast casserole that turned out SO good! It was my favorite dish. It included spicy pork sausage, onions, hash browns, bisquick and eggs!

Everything I made was pretty savory so my parents made sure to bring something sweet!

This was a Martha Stewart recipe for a Spinach and Gruyere Cheese Quiche that was super easy! I halved the recipe so it just made one quiche.

Next up is something that would only happen to us. In the middle of gift opening...Allie and Jacob's new dog, Weber, cleared our fence in the backyard and took off running across the corn field! He was heading straight towards the highway behind our house! Jacob and Levi took off after him and Levi luckily caught him before he made it to the road!! So then when he gets back to the house, we realize when he jumped the fence he cut himself....on his wiener. I had to hold Weber up while Jacob put Neosporin on the dog. Hahah, in the middle of the living room in all our presents.

I am so excited about my new reflector but also have yet to be able to close it soooo, we'll see how that goes.

- Bethany

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