Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another Stray Kitten

I'm still maintaing the stance that I am fostering this kitten, with the potential to keep him. Although, he is really winning me over. I always thought I wouldn't enjoy having a kitten because they are crazy. But that's precisely WHY I'm enjoying him! Shows how much I know.

Let me give his back story, for memory's sake! A friend of mine on Facebook posted this picture of him:

She found him near her apartment the night before and needed to find a home for him asap because of her apt rules and her other pets. Luckily I saw the picture right when Brittney posted it! I asked Levi what I should do, and he said I should just ask for more information about him. So obviously I messaged her and told her I would take him. I figured that I would just go ahead and foster him because he needed a home, and if I ended up loving him then I would just keep him! Win-win for this guy :) 

Side story on his background- Brittney was on a night run and heard meowing. She searched around and found him in the middle of a parking lot, just crying. Sad face :( Thankful for kind people like her who take strays in! He was just a baby!

So I pick him up and brought him back to the house, luckily talking Levi into coming home "just for a few minutes" to help me bathe him. Cue two hours later.... There were SO.MANY.FLEAS. Like. I cannot explain to you how many. He was absolutely covered with fleas and dirt- clearly a stray in need of a home! Turns out with a 5 week old kitten all you can use on them is Dawn soap, no flea meds or baths. We literally had to use tweezers and pluck every single flea off of him. It was as awful as you would think. I was actually sore the next day from doing that for 1.5hrs! (perhaps I shouldn't admit that...).

Anyways, we have now had him for 48hrs and I am loving it! He does not have a name, I'm working on finding the perfect fit. He absolutely LOVES Mosely, I think she needs to be his mom. She is unsure on what to do about him because he is so tiny. So she just stands there while he attacks her paws and climbs on her head. It's adorable. And so it begins, another cat story :)

I've always loved a good mad face.

He only wanted to sit on my chest! What a weirdo.

The hunt is on.

This is how most of my pictures turned out:

This is when he saw a reflection of himself and he was PISSED about it.

I'm hoping that I don't only love him because he matches my house perfectly sure helps.

- Bethany

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