Friday, June 5, 2015

Whole30/Paleo/Clean Eating Meal Ideas

Ok, I am on day 16 of a 30 day clean eating plan.

Here's what I am not supposed to have:

- white potatoes
- corn
- rice
- beans
- alcohol
- grains/wheat
- processed foods
- sugar/sweeteners
- limit sweet potatoes
- limit dairy

Basically, I can have:

- vegetables (except starchy ones)
- fruit
- all natural meats
- nuts
- eggs
- protein powder
- dark chocolate

The first 5 days were horrible, but the rest hasn't been as bad as you would think! I haven't been in school so I have had plenty of time to meal plan and prep, which I'm glad for because it seems like that's all you ever do on this diet! I've been snapping pictures of my meals along the way so that I remember what we have made and what we've liked! I thought I'd share some of what we've eaten in case anyone else was desperate for meal ideas like I have been!


Usually some form of eggs, which I was sick of by week 2. Luckily by week 2 I found a recipe for baked goods that didn't taste like dirt! I also just ordered some chocolate protein powder this week so I'll be trying that out soon!

Scrambled eggs/chopped peppers/pico de gallo 
The Banana Muffins that saved my life by satisfying (sort of) my bread craving:
Found this sausage with peppers and cheese stuffed in it at HEB and it's so good!
Scrambled eggs over leftover chicken fajitas and peppers with pico- I loved this breakfast!


Usually lunch was some form of leftovers or a hodge podge of random items in a salad, but a few times I made specific meals just for lunch.

Taco boats were great, but even with a whole package of ground meat we hardly had any leftover, so it was kind of an expensive lunch.
 I saw this option for "breakfast tacos" on Pinterest and had it for lunch yesterday. It was pretty good! Just scrambled eggs and salsa wrapped in natural lunch meat. 
 Earlier this week I grilled some marinated beef fajita meat to have in salads. Again, with this option we just didn't have as much leftover as I thought we would so it wasn't very cost efficient.

 Anything wrapped in lettuce is basically a go to. I also broke down and purchased veggie chips because I need crunch in my life.
 This is our most typical salad, sautéed chicken and salsa dressing. Not really a fan of salsa dressing or oil and vinegar so it kind of sucks. 


Dinner is usually a little more exciting because we have so many new recipes to try. I finally learned how to cook spaghetti squash where it's actually good! Still not a huge fan of mashed cauliflower, but cauliflower rice is pretty decent. Salmon and some roasted vegetables is our go to quick meal. We have also cooked stir fry a lot too.

Lemon pepper baked salmon, baked asparagus and carrots.
 Burgers stuffed with chopped jalapenos
 The first week we started it was still raining every day so I made us homemade chili that used a million vegetables and was so good!

 We had steak with baked asparagus and fresh baked okra and cauli mash. Sauteed some garlic to add flavor.
 This was one of my favorite meals we've made! Mostly because it doesn't take like you are missing anything. Coconut Crusted Chicken Strips and Stringy Sweet Potato Fries.
 Ok. Paleo Shrimp Scampi won as my favorite meal we've made this month!
 More of that awesome HEB sausage and grilled veggie kabobs.
Chicken Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice is a go to. I use this recipe, just modified to be Paleo. Use tapioca starch instead of corn starch. 


Usually nuts. Sometimes dark chocolate. Sometimes fruit, I'm not a huge fan of almond butter. I made an appetizer this week that was bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with pineapples and it was really good!

Here are a few things I tried that SUCKED and you should stay away from: The "Best" Paleo Brownies, Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing, Spaghetti Squash Casserole. The brownies we referred to as chalk cake. The other two disasters could have been partially my fault so who knows.

So there you have it! That's some of the recipes I've made so far! If you want to see more options, you can check out my Pinterest board where I save all of these. We are only half way through this month so I'd love some more recommendations if any of you have them! Feel free to comment with them!

- Bethany

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