Monday, September 7, 2015

Lake Tahoe: Sand Harbor + Our Cabin

Ok, let the travel photo posts commence! This summer, Levi and I took a trip to Northern California (Lake Tahoe + Bay Area) to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was INCREDIBLE and probably our most documented trip to date, haha. The views were stunning and we were completely blown away by the uniqueness of this part of the country. I feel like there needs to be a new term created to describe Lake Tahoe because "lake" doesn't do it justice. We spent 4 nights in Tahoe and then drove to the coast and spent 3 nights in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco. We hiked and explored so many different places while traveling so I'm going to break our trip up into multiple posts that cover the different places!

We had an early flight on the way there so we arrived in Reno, Nevada around 10am and drove to Lake Tahoe to grab lunch and take it to a "beach" area to eat.

Coming in from Reno there is one overlook location where you get your first big view of the lake!

We grabbed a HUGE sandwich from Mountain High Sandwich Co, which was like one of the top 3 sandwiches I've had in my life. I want it again right now. Highly suggest going here if you are visiting!

For our lunch location, we literally just parked on the side of the main lake road next to a place that looked pretty from Google Earth. That's how we found a lot of the places we decided to go to! There are little informal pathways down the side of the hill and we just followed it until we found a good spot on the rocks!

This. WATER. It's literally insane. So clear and so blue, again, lake doesn't do it justice.

Mounts: check! Tall Pine Trees: check! Crystal Blue Water: check! White Boulders: check!

After lunch, we drove a little further south to visit Sand Harbor. This is a Nevada State Park facility and you have to pay to use it. It was totally worth it though. We ended up changing into our bathing suits (in our car in the parking lot because we are classy). The water was ICE cold. Like. I don't know how people were fully submerged. I guess if you are from the north you are used to it but dang it was cold.

This just looks like a fantasy land to me! I love it so much.

Lots and lots of rock climbing ensued.

The world's tiniest chipmunks were eeeeevery where! So cute.

Levi found our cabin on AirBnb, which is the only place we use when we travel! Here is a link to our cabin; we definitely recommend it and want to go back with friends because it can sleep 4!

It looks smaller from the outside but it's actually pretty spacious on the inside!

We had such a good first day in Lake Tahoe, I can't wait to share all the other days too! Please feel free to comment with questions or shoot me an email! We created a whole itinerary for this trip!

- Bethany


  1. Such an inspiration for adventure!

    1. I'm glad it inspires! It was so amazing, I love looking back on the photos!