Friday, October 9, 2015

Sugar Pine Point State Park + Bonsai Rock

We went to Sugar Pine Point State Park in the afternoon right as a wind advisory went into effect! We were planning on kayaking out over Lake Tahoe, but it was too windy to allow it. I was super bummed about that because we never got a chance to actually get out ON the water while we were there! Sugar Pine was probably my favorite "beach" we visited. I loved the contrast of the super tall green trees with the blue water, the boulders, and the mountains. It was just completely picturesque!

See?! We are not joking about how cold this water is!!!

Trees like this were everywhere! I loved it.

A windy day makes for a very difficult picture day.

Later in the evening we grabbed dinner at MacDuffs Pub and it was sooo good. We ended up going back our last night there.


After dinner we drove to the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe to watch the sunset at Bonsai Rock. It was pretty but not quite as amazing as I had expected after reading about it and looking it up.

- Bethany

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