Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sunrise Over Lake Tahoe

You see, the plan was to get up before sunrise so that we could see the hot air balloons taking off over Lake Tahoe. We called to confirm with the company that launches them and even got recommendations on where to see them take off from. And then we set the early alarm, bundled up, and got there when it was dark out. We waited...and waited....and waited. And never saw any hot air balloons! BUT- it was still tooootally worth it to see the sun rise over the mountains and lake! I'm convinced there's never a bad time of day to see this place.

We parked at the back of a neighborhood and took this little jogging trail down to the lake shore. On our way we walked with two elderly men out walking a dog. They offered to take our picture and they also wanted to include their dog in the photo, haha!

It was cooooold at this point! We definitely should have had gloves.

Once the sun started really rising it came up quick! I love morning light so much.

When it's a 5am wakeup call, you can choose to do your hair or your makeup, both is not an option! Clearly I chose hair!

- Bethany

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