Sunday, September 8, 2019

Milos Greece | Part 1

Day 4 starts on the beach-y island of Milos, Greece. From Santorini we took a ferry for 2.5 hours and landed in Milos around 11am. We went straight to the beach and had quite the adventurous day!

This was a hard to reach beach so it was fairly secluded. You have to climb two ladders and hold onto a rope in order to get down to the beach so it's at your own risk! Definitely gave us a little adrenaline rush :)

WORTH IT! Behind us in the picture above is the entrance to the cave that is shown below. 

Beach #2 was right next door and had a tiki bar and rocks with all kinds of colors due to the high levels of certain properties in the water!

3rd beach of the day was nicknamed Moon Beach because the white rock is so unique it feels like you're on the moon!

We loved this beach so much we wanted to spend more time during the full sun so we went back in the morning. 

When photographers go on vacation 😂 yes we brought a tripod.

Clearest but coldest water for some reason!

We had the best AirBnB while in Milos with a beautiful garden surrounding it!

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