Saturday, September 7, 2019

Santorini (Thira) Greece | Part 1

One year later and I'm finally sharing more pictures from our trip to Greece in September 2018! We spent 3 days in Santorini and 4 days in Milos and felt like that was the perfect amount of time to do what we wanted on each island (we took a ferry between the two)! This post contains day 1 and morning 2. We got up at sunrise each day to catch the city without crowds and it was so worth it :) Also, Greece is literally the hottest place I have ever been in my life. I had heard it, but my mind just couldn't compute that the weather would say 85 but I literally was DRIPPING in sweat from the moment I stepped outside. Also, so.many.stairs. Santorini especially is not for the faint of heart and can be quite strenuous to get around! Worth every ounce of sweat though to see this incredible place.

This was where we stayed! A one bedroom AirBnB, which we always have the best experience with. Below is the view from our balcony. 

Greek coffee is the best thing I've ever had in my LIFE.

We walked down to the dock area and had lunch then went for a swim in Ammoudi Bay. 

Best food ever. Sunset Ammoudi Restaurant.

All the gyros and so cheap. 

Just us an a few of our closest friends watching the most famous sunset in the world, haha. 

Day 2 we got up at sunrise to get pictures at a few of our favorite locations!

The famous 3 blue domes were literally a 5 minute walk from our place- we could see them from our balcony!

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