Sunday, April 13, 2014

Emerald has arrived!

She's here! She's here! The long awaited Emerald Rose came this week and I had the privilege of photographing her entry to the world! I have never been more proud and amazed at someone's strength than I was in that delivery room with Sarah! She is INCREDIBLE. I always knew that, but this just solidified it.

Can we talk for a second about child birth? Ok good. Um.....It's intense. And this a regular thing that happens in the world and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU PEOPLE DO IT. I told Levi that after I was done it felt like The Walking Dead, when someone is turning into a zombie and they keep seeing flashes of blood and ripping flesh. Yep. It's like that afterwards. Flashes and visions.

I just had to get that part out.... :) But all together it was a WONDERFUL experience and I cannot believe I was able to do it and these are some serious keepsake images. I am just going to share a few as I know Wes and Sarah will share more when they get the time!

I love these two so much!!! We powered through 7hrs of natural labor together, except I got to take breaks and eat Mighty Fine, not be in pain, and generally be relaxed. :) I think Sarah's labor all together was around 10hrs, but almost THREE of those were pushing! She's a wonder woman.

First moments all around!

Emerald was born on Wednesday April 9th, and I took the below photos 4 days later when we visited them at home!

Levi and I tried to get a picture with Em and then right as Wes clicked the camera she RIPPED the loudest biggest action down under. I felt it. That is all.

I'm sure there will be many more Emerald updates to come as she grows!

- Bethany

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