Monday, April 14, 2014

To Remember: An iPhone Photo Update

This is the hodgest of podges post today. I have all of these iPhone pictures that I want to share so I remember the small moments, but there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the order. Here we go!

Mosely has been SOOO needy lately! She gives us this look every time we are just trying to sit on the couch and watch Big Love. We got her a soccer ball this week thinking she would love it, and then in like 4.5 minutes she popped it -__-

I am starting to wear my Kendra Scott earrings more and thought I'd show these off! Levi and I had a mini date night last night in Austin because we had to take dinner to the greenroom at church. After we dropped off the food we went to Hill's Cafe on S. Congress and had some home cooking! It was pretty good!

Cattie and I have been having photo shoots for the past few weeks because she is entering images into a contest to meet Taylor Swift! It was so much fun and I will die if she doesn't win.

L: Me and Seamus on St. Patrick's Day at Sarah and Wes's house :) R: Mosely felly asleep with her head IN the cat bed.

I bought lots of fun new makeup this month! So far my verdict is this: Returning the Baby Skin, just felt oily and didn't notice a difference in any "pore erasing". I LOVE the Tarte eyeshadow palette, it's amazonian clay shadows and they stay on all day! I like the Too Faced blush, I mainly got it because Ulta was having a promotion and it was only $15 instead of $35. I put it on lightly over my NYX blush and it works nicely! I don't like it by itself. The NYX gloss is already my second bottle! I get it in Creme Brulee and it's awesome! The eyeliner is by Benefit and is helpful in achieving the smokey eye effect. Different than my usual style but it's fun to use every once in a while! Lastly, the two elf products are from Target, I finally found the lip exfoliator! While it's great, I think I just don't really have lips that need to be exfoliated that much! I use chapstick non stop during the day so I don't have much roughness to exfoliate.

L: Me crying on my way to Target because of the amazing response on my post about marriage. I had NO idea that post would get the reaction it did, and I am so glad that God is using Levi and I's story to influence other people. It also helps to see that the pain of those first few years is being used for good.

R: Mosely wanting to play. What's new.

I bought a new journal and this morning I wrote in it for the first time! I love this journal because the left side is a blank page that I can use for drawing! I've been enjoying lately finding a verse and then sketching it out. I'm hoping to do this more as a way to spend more time thinking about scripture. Also...I bought this journal at my NEW JOB. More on that below!

L: First day of work outfit! I got a part time job at Calli's Boutique in San Marcos! Technically called Two P's and Calli's Boutique if you want to get official. Basically, the senior business is running SLOW this spring. Things just haven't picked up the way I hoped they would. And so it seemed crazy to only have enough work for 2-3 days out of the week. I've toyed with the idea of a part time job for a while, but it was just never right timing. Well, Levi and the band at the Stone are getting transferred to a new campus they are opening in West Austin this month, and while we are so excited about this transition, it's also a slight pay cut. So with the slow down of my business, and the change in pay from his drumming, it just made sense for me to get a part time job! I had my first week of work last week and it went great! Although I really miss staying in yoga pants all day. I think I'm going to work most Tuesdays and Thursdays so if you live around here come visit me!

R: I held a contest through Bethany Lynn Photography back in the winter and the winner won a best friend photo shoot. We shot that this past weekend and I am SO happy with the results! I can't wait to edit them! I had my friend Brogan come along and help hold a reflector for the shoot and it was hilarious. It was such a windy day, and we were on top of a parking garage, so she almost blew away a few times!

Last bit! Mosely, wanting to play...again. Just so you know, we don't deprive her of play time! We throw her ball in the backyard during lunch and right after work everrrrryday but she still wants more more more. Good thing she's cute!

That turned out to be a lot more writing than I intended! Woops ¯\_()_/¯

- Bethany

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