Friday, April 18, 2014

This week in life

The past two weeks have FLOWN by. With getting this new job, my days are just flying away from me. So I am relishing this free Friday night to sit at home, watch Teen Mom 2, and blog away.

There is so much swirling through our community this week, so many emotions. And I'm thankful that God has been giving me the grace to actually read his word each day this week. That's an inconsistent thing for me, as much as I wish it wasn't. I got a new journal from the boutique I work at, and on the left side it has space for drawing. I thought I would enjoy scribbling about whatever scripture I read that day, and I do! I've always loved to do art, but I've just gotten so out of practice and straight up BAD at it. I'm looking forward to getting more into this though! Here's today's drawing:

Last weekend I had SUCH a fun photo shoot for some high school girls in Austin. I can't wait to edit the photos! Definitely made me wish the business was picking up and I got to do this more often though :/ S.O.S.- send over seniors!

Thursday night this week Levi had a date night planned for us! We both love the band Eisley and I've always wanted to see them in person. Levi got tickets for their tour coming to Emo's in Austin and it was great! Their voices are straight up magical. Although, for it being a concert, visually it was kind of blah. There wasn't a whole lot of personality, I felt, and it seemed like it might be more fun at a relaxed outdoor venue or sitting in a coffee shop.

Today, Cattie and I had lunch and shopping plans, so of course she brought along her cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift, because why not? #carselfies (ps- my insta is @bethanylynnphoto)

My best Taylor impression:

And there you have it! Now I'm sitting on the couch, contemplating dessert :)

- Bethany

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