Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Baby DONKEY + other farm animals

Last night I had the chance to photograph a model horse and a model person! Palanna is an Arabian horse that can be used for photo shoots and I did a test shoot with her in Bulverde yesterday :) She was so sweet and NINETEEN years old!!! She looked so young, I couldn't believe it.

So Cattie and I roll up to the stables and there are animals EVERYWHERE!!! The owner of the ranch rescues farm animals (rabbits, chickens, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, mini horse, a BUFFALO). We were in heaven for the next two hours and I wish I had never left. Here is the barrage of farm animal selfies we took:

This llama was a rescue....and something was terribly wrong with it's eyes once Cattie got close...I'll just say, "crusty"....

Dead. I am no longer alive.

As we were about to leave, we see the baby donkey is just roaming around. So Cattie rolls down the window and asks if she could take a pic with it...and the girl working said, "Yeah, you could probably pick it up too." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shut the car off immediately and we picked up that baby. Everything was great, it was so light! And then it started flailing it's little donkey legs very intensely and I got scared.


This poor donkey child.

The end :)

- Bethany

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