Sunday, July 13, 2014

St. Thomas Vacation Pt. 1

Okay, this post is called part one...I'm really hoping I can narrow the pictures down to three posts, we'll see. I mean, after 8 days in the U.S. Virgin Islands how the heck am I supposed to narrow down the pictures I took??? Here is a look at the beginning of our trip :)

This was our view every day. Cattie and Caleb had friends who had moved to St. Thomas and opened a coffee shop. Which lead to the invite to come stay at their house for a, OKAY! Pam and Mike were the family we stayed with and we are so grateful and glad to have met them! They owned a boat and took us out snorkeling to different islands while we were there!

These pictures were taken at 5:40AM our first morning there. I repeat...5:40AM and it was DAYLIGHT. We were up and out of the house every day by 7:30AM and went to bed every night by 9PM.

Our first beach was Secret Habor Resort which we looooved. We went back to this beach multiple times through out the week. First time snorkeler over there on the right...

We needed a quick lunch break and so we tried out Taco Hell in Redhook; it definitely hit the spot!

Look at this stud!

I got a taco in a bag and it was exactly as good as you would think!

Tacos on the beach. Life is complete.

This was Sapphire Bay, where we swam with our first (of many) Sea Turtles!!!

Don't mind the weird thing on it's back, it's a sucker fish.

The second day (before any possible major sunburn issues) we did portraits at Magen's Bay. It was PERFECT. This is one of the top 10 beaches in the world and I want to live there. Minus sand.

Such special people.

Much more to come! We swam with Sea Turtles, Squid, Eels, Rainbow Fish, Starfish...the list goes on!

- Bethany

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