Thursday, July 3, 2014

St. Thomas Portraits and An Anniversary :)

This is a post that I have wanted to be able to write for the past four years. It's July 3rd, Levi and I's wedding anniversary. Today marks 4 years since we said "I do". And today also marks the first anniversary that we can truly honestly 100% say, "Things are GOOD." I mean, things are GREAT!!!! Things are where I was unsure they would ever be for us. We love each other and we like each other and we don't need space from each other and Levi just left 4 hours ago and I MISS him!

Camp season is upon us. Levi left this afternoon and will be gone for the next 9 days. And you know what? This is the very first time that I have honestly been able to say that I am going to MISS HIM SO MUCH! I'm not looking forward to that much alone time. Albeit, honestly I am looking forward to having the bed all to myself ;) But still, in the past it just hasn't been a very big deal to me. I feel like I'm feeling all of these feelings for the very first time!

I am so SO thankful to God for answering our prayers in exactly the right fashion. I've never learned well with a quick fix. And God was answering my prayers all along, I just didn't want to see it. But here it is! A shiny happy messy marriage to Levi :)

I always feel the need to write a disclaimer. Something along the lines of "it's not always this happy", "I don't expect to never struggle again", etc. But you know what? I'm just too dang happy right now :)

I've faked many a happy smiles in my time, and this...this was not one of them :)

Let it be known: 4yrs in and this is the first instance I've EVER let Levi pick me up. I have a complex. But I had to do it for the picture!!!!

- Bethany :)

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