Monday, August 11, 2014

Where to Give and Ways to Pray

My heart has been extremely burdened by the atrocities happening in Iraq right now. I literally cannot fathom the pain that is happening while I sit here, completely comfortable in my own home. My church sent out an email with specific ways we can pray and trustworthy organizations we can donate to help. I wanted to share this because if you are like me, you are daily trying to figure out ways to help and ways to pray for these people.


- Beg the Lord to awaken the world to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Iraq and to provide pathways for Christians and others to respond.

-Ask God to miraculously protect the Yazidis and other Kurds who fled into the mountains; ask Him to provide a means of rescue and temporary homes for the refugees.

- Pray that ISIS leaders and soldiers would experience the love of Jesus Christ and that their lives would be transformed. Pray for Saul/Paul like conversions.

- Ask God to preserve and embolden the small remnant of believers in Mosul and Kurdistan, so that one day through their witness, every Iraqi might have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

- Pray that ISIS soldiers would be convicted and stop following commands (I added this one because it's something that's been on my mind).


- International Mission Board- General Relief Fund
- Baptist Global Response
- Preemptive Love Coalition

Please don't just read this and then go on. Stop what you are doing, say a prayer, click a link, GIVE to this cause. Give more than just your thoughts.

- Bethany

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