Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A 5 (or 6) Month Update

It's about time that I post a cat update, right? You know why I have not said much about these cats on the blog? Because it has been one headache/heartache/wallet-ache after another since we got them. Winston was perfect (minus the approximately 46,000 fleas that had taken residence in his fur), and then a few weeks later we added President Snow. With Prez came an upper respiratory infection that quickly passed to little baby Winston. I'm not even joking whenever I say they have been quarantined for 4 months out of their lives. First it was the cold, then it was infected eyes we had to put a cream on, then it was the oil spills that kept coming out of their behind, and THEN it was ring worm. Which thankfully only Winston had and it didn't transfer to any of the other pets even though we kept he and Prez together the whole time. They are inseparable and when we tried to quarantine them separately it was the worst hour of everyone's lives. I started praying that God would heal Winston by the end of the year, because at this point we were going on two months of ringworm. We had even sent him to live at the vet for a week and be shaved down for treatment. He got twice a week baths for weeks. I mean, looking back on this, I'm kind of in shock of how much we put up with. But what choice did we have? I had many minor breaking points along the way, and one major one where I was SERIOUSLY considering sending Prez back to the shelter. It was a tough few months. But! Lo and behold, just before Christmas, Winston appeared to be ringworm free! And with only one downside.....I now have ringworm. It doesn't even bother me though, it's actually laughable. 

There you have it, that's what life with these cats has been lately. They make up for most of their troubles with their cuteness, but I'm not one of those people that can't be mad at their pets. I've had many fits of anger with them, and I'm just looking forward to the 1 year mark when hopefully they will be a little less kitten-ish. Ugh. There I said it. I want adult cats. Even though baby Winston is the cutest best most perfect thing in the world. Here is what they look like as of January 2015:

Prez is typically impossible to photograph because he is constantly moving and if I come near him while he's sleeping he MUST get up. I think he has FOMO. But this week I lucked out and managed to snag quite a few good ones!

Of course there were plenty of breaks for face biting, which is what you do when you're a kitten. Also a side note, I wish I knew how old they were. I am roughly estimating 5 or 6 months old but it's hard to know for sure.

There you have it, in case you wanted a look into the life of a cat lady who is also a photographer.

- Bethany

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