Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mallory + Hunter | Conroe Engagement Pictures

This is another photo shoot I was able to squeeze in during my Thanksgiving visit to Conroe! Mallory is my oldest friend, and because of my terrible memory, I can never lose her as a friend because she holds all my childhood memories for me! Getting to do these engagement pictures for Mallory and Hunter was surreal. I remember when we were 5 years old playing pranks on our poor babysitter, Mrs Connie (who we unfortunately called Mrs. Corny). Mallory is loyal, and real, and ready for a good time! She is a true friend who you can experience life's ups and downs with. I have so much admiration for the way that she has handled her 20s. With so many friends getting married right away, Mallory stayed true to what was right for her, and now I am so thankful to be celebrating this upcoming marriage! I'm now realizing I should stop writing all of this here and save some of it for her wedding day! Haha. Enjoy their engagement photos that we took around downtown Conroe and at their wedding venue, Madera Estates!

- Bethany

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