Saturday, January 24, 2015

To Remember: Holiday Wrap Up!

Here are a few random winter happenings that I wanted to catalog here! We had SUCH a good holiday season this year, it probably helped that I didn't have a job, was accepted to grad school, and had nothing to do but Christmas shop and wait it out. This post starts around Thanksgiving and wraps up just after NYE!

Thanksgiving in Conroe was a success, as always!

We attended Wassailfest for the first time this year! It felt like we were in Stars Hollow, just with a lot more people.

Our attempt at an Oscars selfie, is that still a thing in 2015?

My only picture from Sights and Sounds this year. Seems fitting.

We recorded a podcast with our best friends and then ate Pie Society afterwards, and then threw a rotten pumpkin off the top of a parking garage. The things you find to do when you are 25 and bored.

Attended the Austin Stone Staff Christmas Party for the third year in a row. It's hard to believe it's already been 3 years that we've been there! Doesn't Levi look so cute in that Christmas tie?! I know.

Shameless brunch selfie at Magnolias.

NYE celebration was a little more low key in 2014. Of course we still blew things up, but overall it was a calm night.

The President still insists on sharing Mosely's bed with her.

The weekend after New Years, we set out on a mini road trip weekend with the bffs! Plus two dogs. One of which had fish breath, and the other had gas -__- The back was loaded with luggage and food and so the pups + Ashley and Brandon all squeezed into the was laughable :) And memorable :)

Then...we got to my grandparents cabin. Which really, cabin might not be the best term. It's a tiny house and so cute, but doesn't quite fit 4 people and 2 dogs. We pulled the couch bed mattress upstairs and all slept in the loft together with both dogs. A huge thunderstorm hit that night which resulted in little sleep for any of us except Brandon (#rude). Lalo ended up on Levi's lap for many hours panting her glorious fish breath on both of us. Haha. It was a night to be remembered :)

This is the Thornton cabin! Situated on my great Aunt Sis's land. We had a blast getting out of town for the weekend. 

The dogs had to be carried to and from the car because it was sooo muddy from all the rain!

Walking around town.

It's not a getaway with photographers until you get a group picture ;)

Evening walks, feeding horses along the way, sipping whiskey from a styrofoam cup to stay warm.

Grilling hotdogs and marshmallows for dinner was just the perfect ending to a relaxing, rejuvenating, FUN weekend away :)

The morning we had to leave- Ashley and I decided it was not the time to care about hair or makeup.

Sidenote- I'm pretty sure it was 30 degrees when we left that morning, yet you can see Brandon was still wearing flip flops. A true Texan.

A selfie of my glorious hair that I learned how to curl finally and realized it looks best parted on the side. And on the right- Levi sported a decent amount of scruff for about 2 weeks!

Lots of bff time! Lunch with Ashley and then I volunteered in Cattie's kindergarten classroom and we literally wore identical outfits accidentally!

Our missional community is pictured below. This is from last Tuesday when we had NINETEEN people come! When we first started this group, we didn't know if ANYONE would come, and now, 6 months in we have almost 20 people attending, with many more emailing us with interest. It's needless to say- San Marcos adults need community. There is a lacking of something for those who aren't in college, but don't have families yet. Our hope for 2015 is that we would split into two groups in the San Marcos area as God continues to bring new people in!

- Bethany

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