Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Date Night + Busyness + Cheeeese

Gosh, I feel like since the day I graduated college I have said this statement at least once a week: "Life is just so busy." During the height of our wedding photography business, Levi and I let busy-ness trump all. We glorified being busy, we let being busy own us and our lives. Last year we worked on reclaiming our lives. Resetting our priorities. Here's where I want my weekly priorities to be (in no particular order except the first one):

1) Time in the Word
2) Time to come up to speed with Levi every day about how we are
3) Time to build our relationships with our friends and community
4) Time to respond to emails and work daily
5) Time to be outside and play with our animals
6) Weekly "date night" with Levi, which can even just look like eating a frozen meal together at home, as long as it's intentional time set together.

We realized that when work got busy, when commitments piled up, when we got tired...we got lazy with our priorities. It's WORK to make the things listed above happen every week, and sometimes they don't all happen. But it's my goal to keep those priorities in mind.

What's funny is that we are probably more busy NOW than we were a few years ago. We have just shifted our weekly priorities to where it doesn't rule our lives. The past 2 weeks Levi has been in the studio recording tracks for Jimmy McNeal's first solo album. It's a really important time for him, and an exciting time! And a time consuming time! We realized after the first week that we HAVE to keep making these priorities happen, otherwise things get ugly. Which all of this is just a really long winded intro into my blog post about our date night this week....haha.

We grabbed a bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, salami and tennis balls (for Mosely...) and headed out to Purgatory Creek Park in San Marcos. Levi came up with the idea to take a picnic out there because there is this cool fieldy valley area that we could sit in and Mosely could run around in. The weather has been so perfect this week that all I've wanted to do is be outside!

Mmmm, Gouda and Cheddar + Port Wine Cheese if you were wondering.

Mosely particularly enjoyed our outing and was way more well behaved than I expected! I could not believe how filled up I was after just 45 minutes outdoors hanging out! All in all, we had such a relaxing evening and I hope it won't be the last time we do this!

Now my goal is to convince Levi we need a hammock in our backyard so that I can lay outside every evening :)

- Bethany

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  1. Sounds like an excellent list of priorities! And I love your pictures, this looks like a super sweet outing :)