Saturday, February 1, 2014

Simple Statement Necklace

I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion, but I follow 2 or 3 fashion blogs that keep me aware! One of those blogs is Kendi Everyday, she actually lives in the Dallas area and owns a boutique. Well, she has been doing a blog series on certain wardrobe items that are "worth it". Meaning, worth it to invest a little more money in. She posted about worth it accessories, and one of them was a statement necklace. Now, I have been a little wary about the statement necklace trend. But she explains it so well! And really, it's been around for long enough- it's not a trend anymore- it's here to stay!

I wanted to find a basic statement necklace to dress up some of my more casual outfits and I found the perfect one at the LOFT outlet! I tried to find it online but it must be an outlet only deal. It was $24.95, which is usually more than I spend on jewelry. I brought it home and decided to try it out with a few outfits. I ended up loving it and have worn it the past 4 outfits in a row! It adds just the perfect amount of pizazz!

 {sweater: Old Navy}

I included this picture because this is how I spent my Saturday! We had a seminar at church from 9am-4:30pm. I wanted to be super comfortable for all that sitting, but still semi cute! I just scored this dress/shirt from Forever 21 for $10.80!

{top: Forever 21, leggings: Gap, boots: Nine West, bag: Target}

- Bethany


  1. You're so cute and trendy!! I love the dress you wore on Saturday!

  2. Thanks :) I'm trying to get better about putting together outfits!

  3. That necklace is so pretty and will definitely go with a lot! I looove that shirt dress too!