Sunday, February 2, 2014

My First Multiple Exposure

In Camera Multiple Exposure is a technique that has piqued my interest lately! Well, I got a new camera this week and have been dying to try it! So far, I haven't been out at the right time of day to practice, but here is my result from my first attempt!

All multiple exposures here take place in camera, not in photoshop.

Here is the before and after: Left image is SOOC, Right image is after Lightroom edits

I used the Nikon D800, paired with the 50mm 1.4 for this shot. Everything is done digitally in the camera settings and then I just post processed a little in Lightroom.

It's definitely a rough draft! But I'm excited to get more practice in soon :) I have an upcoming shoot involving smoke bombs next weekend that I am really excited to try this technique on!

- Bethany


  1. I need an explanation. Are you shooting film? Is a double exposure a possibility with digital? What camera did you get? #geekswanttoknow

    1. I need to add more info to this post! I was just excited to put it up :) This is a feature on certain high end digital cameras. I am using the Nikon D800- I am unsure on what other cameras include this feature! I do know the MarkIII has the best multiple exposure features, like it makes it ridiculously easy. I wish mine had those features but it's still good!