Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pre Party | Valentine's Day 2014

A few years ago Levi and I started throwing a photo booth party on Valentine's Day and it's becoming sort of a yearly tradition! This year we went all out and I think it was our best set up yet! I will be sharing my favorites from the photo booth soon, but for now I thought I'd share the prep work/baking we did!

I made some box cupcakes (Duncan Hines is my favorite), and then made a simple homemade buttercream from my girl Martha. We topped the cupcakes with cut out brownies (also Martha's idea). It was such a simple touch but added so much to the look!

As many parties as we throw at our house, I still can't seem to get the timing of everything down. Luckily Ashley and Brandon were in town early and so we put them to work. They made all of the decorations happen for the photo booth!

Riggins break!

I told Levi his Valentine's gift to me would be to take over the technicalities of setting up the photo booth...I'm so glad he came through! It was PERFECT and I didn't have to do a thing ;)

Testing, testing....more to come soon!

- Bethany

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